You deserve to sell your home for top dollar  AND h ave a hassle-free real estate experience


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You deserve to sell your home for top dollar AND have a hassle-free real estate experience

You want to sell your home to maximize the equity in your investment and not be completely inconvenienced, burdened or put-out while you are in this transition.

Too much to ask? We say, “not at all – it’s what you deserve.”

Without a proven expert fully managing the process, looking out for your best interests, the sale (and purchase) of a home can be a nightmare…but it doesn’t have to be.

Working with us is a breath of fresh air in the all-too-often clunky and impersonal real estate world.

Because it gets you top dollar, we combine the use of old school grit with technological advances to painlessly sell your home at top market value. You can trust us to impeccably manage your home sale (and purchase), so you don’t have added worry during your move.

Our process is seamless, our approach is personable, and your experience is stress-free. This is why we’ve consistently grown over 70% year over year in the Greater Las Vegas area.

What to Expect with Elite Home Finders:

1.  Initial Phone Call—Let’s Chat

We want to know your goals, we’ll introduce you to our process, and if it’s a fit, we will schedule your Strategic Marketing Consultation.

2. Strategic Marketing Consultation

It’s best to block about 60-90 minutes for us to create your customized plan together. In that time, we’ll review your goals in detail and outline our strategy to sell your home at the highest possible price with the fewest days on market.

We will also cover important details you need to know about selling your property, legal paperwork and important market indicators so you can make educated decisions.

3.  Next Steps

We will be in constant communication, keeping you updated at every step. Our Listing Marketing Calendar helps keep you in-the-know along the way, without any curveballs. We go over real estate activity in your neighborhood and set a pricing strategy to ensure your desired outcome is your reality—a quickly sold home at the highest possible price.

Our proven, customized approach gets you the results you’re looking for, using advanced marketing tactics and a systematic process to keep your home sale on track, all while delivering concierge-level care and attention to ease your stress.
* * * 

We invite you to check out the My Home Value  tab on our website for helpful information about the sale and purchase of your home. Take a look at our  Testimonials  and see how our clients are able to get top ROI when selling so they can reinvest with confidence in their next property.

Start picturing your own happy story…selling for top dollar so you can finally move into your dream home.

And when you’re ready, call us for your 30-minute initial consult. We’ll briefly go over your goals, how we work with clients, and if it’s the right fit, next steps from there.

Call today >>>702-222-3366

To your success!

Shauna Gut
Founder, Elite Home Finders
License # B.1002262
1980 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 400, Las Vegas, NV 89135