June 11, 2020 at 10:12am | Shauna Gut

As of June 4, the doors of Las Vegas have been opened, and we Las Vegans are doing our best to get back into a routine.

 Catching a glimpse of casinos re-opening, I began to reminisce about shows I’ve seen on the Strip, and I remembered one of my favorites … Rock of Ages. 

That amazing memory led to me again watching the movie Rock of Ages, and being blown away by the stunning soundtrack. 

As I watched and listened, it felt like the very first time! 

Here’s how the real estate market is reacting to our city’s re-opening, and what you need to know as a Las Vegas homeowner.

Watch Video (08:42)

        June 2020 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Report | Elite Home Finders      

Watch Video (08:42)



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