April 15, 2020 at 2:52pm | Shauna Gut
        Midweek Mastery - April 15, 2020 - Negotiating      
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•    Always strive to have a Favorable view of the other party by looking at it from their point of view.
•    Ask them about their needs, wants & preferences.
•    Write down what they say ( even if its jibberish )
•    "salvation" by negotiation.
•    Even in the Bible ppl were always negotiating.
•    If you expect more you get more ! ( This is HUGE ) Discussion __ _
•    Closing remarks~ The A or B choice. There's always C
•    Put away the ego. "dumb/not understanding" "I don't know" Be humble, curious & ask for help. Be modest.
•    NOT responding fast. Don't necessarily be in a hurry. Quick is risky when
negotiating. Meek maneuvers when there's pressure.
•    Principle : Ultimate decision makers need to stay out of the nitty gritty.
•    Sometimes offers & negotiations go ignored. Why??
•    Mixed motives= We are the problem solvers ~ Reframe the situation so the other party can join on mutual goals.


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