April 18, 2020 at 5:40pm | Shauna Gut
DIY Cleaning Wipes

I created this post in hopes of helping those in the same boat I found myself in. About a month ago I had Clorox wipes on my normal shopping list. Needless to say, there were none. And, I think you can guess how well my efforts have gone since that time -- still none. So, I have been searching the internet for an alternate solution.

I found the recipe below and found it to work very well.

The recipe did not call for Rubbing Alcohol, and I did not use, since I figured the soap content in the mix would do the trick. However, if you want to make extra sure to disinfect, feel free to add alcohol. I did add essential oils just for happy smelling purposes.

I hope this works well for your purposes -- Please stay healthy and safe out there!


  • Cut paper towel roll in ½ (see image below)

  • In a mixing container:
    • 12 oz water
    • ¼ c rubbing alcohol (optional)
    • 4 small squirts of dish soap OR your everyday countertop cleaner
    • Essential Oils - lemon and/or lavender (optional)
    • Stir together

  • Stuff ½ paper towel roll into container with airtight seal

  • Pour mixture over entire paper towels

  • Put on lid and let sit for 10 mins

  • Turn upside down and let sit another 10 mins

  • Remove center roll

  • Start pulling out wipes from the center

Actual homemade wipes that I've been using in my home. :)
homemade DIY cleaning wipes for home


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