April 12, 2019 at 3:59pm | Shauna Gut

Baseball, Hockey, Food and Shopping – What do these things all have in common?


It has been many years since I purchased my home in the Summerlin South area. When I did, the mall area, that they call Downtown Summerlin now, was just a leaning pile of rusty steel. I took the plunge anyway and thought – when they build that thing, I am moving my office there.  Now it is 2019 – I am typing this blog up from my office on the 4th floor of Summerlin One. That is the tall glass building in the center of this great development that used to be a pile of rusty steel. 

The development that was at one time supposed to contain much more shopping and a hotel of its own ended up a little different than its initial plan. While it did get built, they changed some things along the way.  Less shopping and no new hotel, but instead they threw in an NHL practice facility and a minor league baseball stadium.  Not a bad swap, IMO.

People always ask me if I like living in this area.  I don’t really answer them directly, instead I give them a brief recap of my day.

I woke up this morning and dropped my kid off at school camp. She is in an acting camp and goes crazy if she is not there early every day.  After that I had a meeting with my daughter’s dance teacher at the dance studio to go over what classes and levels she needs to enroll in the coming year. Immediately after that I had to meet a client at the fancy coffee shop to make them feel they are super important before I break the bad news to them that they can’t get the rate they wanted on the new home they are buying.  After that I was on and off phone calls until my day was wrapped up.  

My daughter texted me and said she needed me to buy her an orange shirt for camp the next morning, so I ran over to Old Navy and grabbed the first orange one that caught my eye. 

Right before I left the office for the day my calendar popped up and reminded me today was the last day to get my Golden Knights season ticket holder scarves, they were giving out at their practice facility. I was a little tired after that so I wanted to head straight home, but I promised my wife I would take her to the baseball game that night… So, we agreed to go, but snuck out in the 6th inning to get home a little earlier.

If the normal person had my day, they would have had to stop for gas twice and probably would miss half of their appointments that day.  My day was a little different.  After driving 1 mile to drop my daughter off at school camp I parked at my office (Across the street from her school). From there I walked to my dance studio, coffee, office, Old Navy and the baseball game.  

What I am trying to tell you is living here is an amazingly odd experience.  Your daily ritual becomes like being on vacation. Multiple restaurants, a full Casino, Baseball Stadium, 2 NHL Practice Ice Rinks and my own home all within a 15-minute walk.  Sounds like something you might build for yourself in a computer simulation, but for me it is just another day at the office.


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