November 17, 2019 at 4:23pm | Shauna Gut

Do you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Associations (HOA) or are you thinking about it?

There are many pluses to living in an HOA Community. One of the most prevalent is that your HOA can impact your home’s value. It is important to understand how the HOA can influence your home’s value for many years to come.

Our best advice … If you find yourself living in a home within an HOA, run for office and take control!

Or if you are not striving to start your political life at home, at least attend the meetings and make sure the board stays on the straight and narrow.

Here are some tips to help guide your HOA to increased home values.

Building Exteriors – It is very important for all the common area building to always look good. That is a huge reflection on the entire neighborhood especially since many common areas’ buildings are huge attractions for the community.

Pressure Wash it ALL – Concrete, Brick, Aluminum Wood, Vinyl and Stucco all need to be cleaned and maintained.

Paint – Regular touching up of the houses and the common area can make a neighborhood keep its’ beauty for a long time. Organize community events and really get people involved in maintenance like this.

Wear and Tear Maintenance – No one likes sending out violation letters, but you need to make sure the HOA and the residents fix anything worn down or broken. The smallest thing that may seem normal to you since you live in the neighborhood could be a total turn off for a prospective buyer.

Landscaping – This is the hardest, but simplest way to keep your community literally looking FRESH! Rotate seasonal landscaping, replace dead plants/trees, and keep your grass in great shape. These simple things can dramatically affect the vibe of your community.

Lighting – Important to see and to spotlight features of your community. Regardless of the style of your neighborhood, dark spots and burned out lights are a total no-no. Staying on top of your lighting is very important.

Repair Concrete and Walkways – Keep the walking area of your community nice and safe. Never let these fall in disarray.

Social Events – An ACTIVE community is a closer, tight knit community. Stay consistent on the annual events and although some years the turnout may not be what you want consistency is what people remember. Rally around sports and holidays and keep your neighborhood engaged.

This all may sound like a lot, but it is in the normal everyday duty of your community managers. Just make sure they understand the importance of these items, so they make it a priority for the community.

Thanks, and we will see you at the next neighborhood cookoff!


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